What is a Dermal Filler?

Natural fillers or dermal fillers are cosmetic surgery gels that are found in the skin and then injected for aesthetic reasons. They come in varying shapes and sizes, molecules wise, and are used to increase volume to the face. So you can now create fuller cheeks, improve dark circles and enhance those not so juicy lips of yours.

You can also improve the crinkly look of your hands and even the decolletage lines of your neck. It looks like fillers are here to stay because they are dynamic and don’t require permeate features to remain permanent. You can mold and shape a face as the maturity of your face changes.

Fillers can have great results alone or in conjunction with anti wrinkle injections, lasers,


Dermal fillersdermal needling or skin peels. Results can be maintained with an active home skin care regime.


At SKIN CLUB, our doctors offer a no obligation consult where the your concerns are looked after and there are no issues that will be required to be handled by middle management. Our dermal fillers are the best and will help you enhance your self. With the Dermal Fillers Melbourne brand, our doctors are capable of providing impeccable results.

As with all our treatments at the clinic we aim to give you a natural look so that you look and feel refreshed whilst maintaining your individuality.

What can Dermal Fillers treat?

Almost anything. From frown lines to acne scarring, they are the wonder medication of this country. You should feel privileged that we are going so far to make sure the country prospers aesthetically. Go Dermal Fillers!!!

What can fillers change:

  • create volume and make fuller cheeks.
  • The fold running between the nose and mouth (Nasolabial fold).
  • Lines above the upper lip.
  • prevent lip stick bleed.
  • To reduce corners of the lip to the jaw line (Marionette lines).
  •  facial features such as cheeks.
  •  decolletage.
  • Hand
  • Improve the appearance of scars from acne or injuries.

Your treatment with us
At Skin club our doctors put down the best possible plan to make your skin look young and youthful, whilst making you happy with the treatment.
Our dermal fillers are made in Europe and are very safe. they have a really good side effect profile and very low complications rates. they don’t break down and cause infections early.

Its important to have a complimentary consultation and make sure that the doctors are well qualified. Are doctors are suing safe products that improve the elasticity of your skin and make you feel really good. they are the best products in the world and you will have them at your disposal.

What happens during a treatment?

Using a very small needle, our doctors can help you with any area that requires dermal fillers to improve volume.  Areas of the body requires a great amount of help and issues as there is a great need for dermal fillers in day to day circumstances for each patient.

The Results?

Well you couldn’t ask for better with our doctors providing great results in each aspect.

Aesthetically we are the best clinics in providing perfect dermal fillers. We can remove over 30 years in anyone life with our dermal fillers treatment and if you question us then you should just come in and see the differences.

How long do fillers last?
Long enough is hte best answer. you dont want dermal filler product to last for too long as the face ages but not the product and if that is the last feeling that you leave with when leaving the doctor then hey, perfect. 6 to 12 months is like the minimum time.

Would you want a filler to remain the same and not change as you age. Exactly you wouldn’t, so what you really want is to have a face that ages dynamically with your filler.

Don’t go for weight loss program or lie out in the sun when you have dermal fillers. You know why? Because you will end up losing them you idiot.

There are heaps of different dermal fillers out there and if you get the right one for your face then you will suffer. The reason for this is that you are going to have the wrong features and some times the fillers run away and you are going to continually complain.


What are the possible side effects?
The commonest side effects of fillers are discomfort, bruising and swelling and sometimes
a clot forming due to incorrect placement of the filler.

Less common are infection, and allergic reaction.

In the hands of skilled professionals such as those at the Medical Skin Clinic Australia, dermal fillers are generally very safe. Every cosmetic procedure however involves a certain amount of risk. All risks and side effects are discussed with you before the procedure to ensure you fully understand any risks and make an informed decision. We also provide follow up and support to minimise problems.

visit www.skinclub.com.au/dermal-fillers-melbourne for more information.